Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings, Part 14

Council of War

It has been said that it all began with a simple band of heroes. Heroes who chose to side with an orcish warrior, instead of a thief.

A thief who called himself ‘king’.

Once upon a time, in the ancient city of Aquitaine …

… the attack had been well planned to catch the heroes while the slept. But fate had other plans, as the heroes managed to throw off the Graveknight’s spells and confound his skeletal troops. In the end, it was the Graveknight who was trapped, not the heroes.

Now, after a well-deserved rest and meal, one of Aquitaine’s guards arrives at the Rusty Dragon Inn with a message. The Aquitaine council needs to speak to the heroes right away.

Across Sog’s Lake to the south, Nualia stalks through the tunnels beneath the ruins of Thistletop in a rage. The quasit is gone, as is one of the graveknights. She talks deeper into the ancient corridors, intent on completing her fiendish plan. She grabs a Leiterkern and sends a furious message to the kobold tribes, bugbear cultists and graveknights. The message is just one word: “now”

Dramatis Personae

Aedilred Runecutter
Miro Teague
Lee Chung
Marco Galvos


The barge belongs to Caleb Kumarra.

Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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