Elohey: Restitution

That is a VERY ANGRY dwarven paladin


Notes from the GM:

Starfinder is put off until Donald is not violently ill. Possibly the 3rd of February.

Everybody’s character sheets are online, right? Right!

Please do not strain me, as I am using half-ready notes for this session, y’all.

Elohey: Restitution

After a criminal trial and sentencing comes the Restitution phase. The party has been instructed to get the three victims turned back into non-stone form, hopefully without them dying. You have a nice place to stay, complete with bathhouse, and a few more secondary tasks to complete before you head back to Aquitaine for the Swallowtail Festival.

You also have a veteran paladin, petrified in a moment of furious attack, plus two half-naked teenagers. Who is going to be dosed with Stone Salve first?

What will you do if they don’t succeed in their Save vs Death?


Banzai_Aether JarissaVenters

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