Timeline through history

Once upon a time, across the lands of Elohey …


“ILC” : “Iron Library Calendar”

“BILC” : “Before Iron Library Calendar”


15000 BILC

Last War between the Ancients and the Foul Host. Foul Host banished to a plane called the Outlands.

Tower of Night constructed.

15002 BILC

Surviving Ancients depart the world, leaving the Treants to oversee the younger mortal races.

Dragons first seen in the Dragonscale, and Northiron Mountains

Humans first cross the Longgrass plains, and other lands.

Dwarves first emerge in the Northiron Mountains.

Elves descend out of their seven sacred mountains in the Ashenwood forest. Elven city states spread through the forest and out into the Longgrass.

9000 BILC

Seven Kingmaker items are forged in the Tower of Night. Tower of Night sealed.

Drider tribes seen in the A’qadia desert

Harpies first seen over what will become the Jade Empire

8800 BILC

Goblins first heard of in the Leafbourne forest to the far south.

Halfling pirates ply their trade along the A’qadia desert, Jade Empire and many other shores.

Elven “Magi War” begins. Many elven city states destroyed. Elven influence diminished to just the Ashenwood forest.

2000 BILC

Thassilon Republic founded. Iron Library built in what will become Dublinshire.

Drider tribes repel incursions of Harpies and Humans from the Seven Kingdoms north of the A’qadia desert. Start of the Silk Road War.

1995 BILC

End of the Silk Road War. Treaty drawn up between the Drider tribes and the Seven Kingdoms.

1950 BILC

The Seven Kingdoms north of the A’qadia desert united after long war to form the Jade Empire. First Jade Emperor takes the throne. Start of the Rose Dynasty.

1900 BILC

Runelord Order founded.

1890 BILC

War of Flowers in the Jade Empire between two brothers of the Rose Dynasty. Elder brother slain. New Jade Emperor crowned. Start of the Lotus Dynasty.

1880 BILC

Thistletop Keep built on southern shores of Sog’s lake

1750 BILC

Thistletop Keep destroyed.

1740 BILC

Thistletop Keep rebuilt.

1350 BILC

Nine Runelords used the Kingmaker items to eliminate the other Runelords in the Order, then claim Thassalon for themselves. Thassalon Republic becomes an Empire under the control of the nine remaining Runelords.

1201 BILC

Tower of Night unsealed by the necromancer Talis Rensot. Resealed by the druids of the Drionian Circle after a year-long battle against the necromancer.

1200 BILC

Attempted coup with one of the Kingmaker items in the Jade Empire. During the rebellion, a rift opens, allowing the Foul Host to invade the Jade Empire. New Jade Emperor repels Foul Host with heroes called “The Five”. End of the Lotus Dynasty. Start of the Spring Dynasty.

Creation of the Forbidden City in the Jade Empire.

1199 BILC

Thassalonian Empire begins campaign against the Dragon hosts in the Dragonscale Mountains.

1191 BILC

Nine Runelords unleash a devastating magical assault against a stronghold in the Dragonscale mountains. Area renamed the Haunted Scar. Several dragons, and dragon-kin such as Medusas, flee for the Jade Empire, A’qadia desert, and other far flung lands.

1190 BILC

Dragonscale Mountains become a ‘district’ of the Empire.

1150 BILC

Thassalonian Empire begins campaign against the Dwarven Clans.

1148 BILC

Dwarven Clan territories ruined. Remnants become a ‘district’ of the Empire.

1130 BILC

Thassalonian Empire begins campaign against human territories to the south near what will become Copin Shire.

1128 BILC

Human settlements destroyed. Remnants become a ‘district’ of the Empire.

1100 BILC

The elves build the kingdom of Samakar deep in the ancient forests of Ashenwood ( Al’lesh Far to the elves). Capital city of Shen’mar founded between the seven sacred mountains at the center of Ashenwood.

1099 BILC

Thassalonian Empire begins campaign against Samakar.

1097 BILC

Samakar is destroyed. Remnants of the elven kingdom become a ‘district’ of the Empire.

1000 BILC

Great Alliance of Men, Dwarves, Dragons, and Elves. Fall of the Thassalonian Empire, and destruction of the nine Runelords. Records lost during fall of Thassalonian Empire.

Thistletop Keep destroyed.

Iron Library destroyed during the fall of the Thassalonian Empire. Iron Librarians, called the Caretakers, rumored to have fled to the Shadow Vale far to the north past the Haunted Scar.

Orc tribes first seen in the far south and east of all the lands. Begin moving north and west.

990 BILC

The elves rebuild the kingdom of Samakar deep in the ancient forests of Ashenwood ( Al’lesh Far to the elves). Capital city of Shen’mar founded between the seven sacred mountains at the center of Ashenwood.

Halflings begin to settle the area known as Copin Shire.


Kingdom of Angesh established over the ancient ruins of Thassalon. Iron Throne is forged and placed in Dublinshire. Iron Library Calendar founded. Iron Library rebuilt near Dublinshire.

Elric Strongbow becomes Elric I of Angesh.

Thistletop Keep rebuilt.

58 ILC

Last War of the Dwarven Clans. Dwarven Republic of Geldar established.

400 ILC

Orc tribes clash with borders of Angesh to the Southeast.

Thistletop Keep destroyed.

562 ILC

Jerun Leonidas DeCaprio ascends to the Iron Throne of Angesh.

566 ILC

Jerun Leonidas DeCaprio begins secret campaign to weaken towns and fortresses along the elven lands. Hires an orc army under the command of the warrior Arslan to lay waste to the towns, which encourages the locals to turn to Angesh for protection.

567 ILC

Arslan learns he is to be double-crossed by King DeCaprio, and assassinated.

Arslan takes Dublinshire with the help of a band of adventurers. Jerun Leonidas DeCaprio flees Dublinshire with small group of knights.

The Orc Empire of KaraKorum is declared. Arslan is proclaimed Arslan Khan, “First Among Equals”.

577 ILC

One of the lost Kingmaker weapons found by an elven cleric, Julienne in the Geldar farmlands to the southwest of Morodar.

Tower of Night unsealed by a band of assassins from the Obsidian Blade Order. Tower resealed by a group of Falconers from Falcon’s Rangers.

578 ILC

Rift opened near Morodar. A group of adventurers prevents the Foul Host, a long lost enemy of the Ancients, from invading the world.

Mad Druid stopped from harassing trade along Warden Road, South of Morodar.

The lich Kriegler discovered in the town of Ravenmoor. Stopped before he could enact his plan to transform the small town, and release a swarm of magical creations.

Festival of the Mists take place in the Darkwood Forest outside of Morodar. Heroes prevent a massacre at the celebration.

South of Morodar, the Swallowtail Festival takes place in Aquitaine. A group of heroes uncover a plan by a deranged Soulborn mystic named Nualia to destroy the city of Aquitaine, and bring about the resurrection of an the ancient Runelord named Lamashtu.

579 ILC

The ranger and monk, Virasha, takes ownership of the Thistletop Keep Ruins. She opens peaceful alliance with Aquitaine on the other side of Sog’s Lake and begins slow efforts to rebuild and staff Thistletop.

Timeline through history

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