Deep olive-tan skin that tends towards green. Both males and females have tusks from their lower jaw.

Dark hair. Red hair possible, but uncommon. Eye color normally black or brown. Gray-blue uncommon.

Both males and females stand over 6 feet in height.



An orc’s full name consists of a personal name, their bloodline ( which is often clan ) and a surname selected when they reach the age of maturity. Honors, deeds and other events are added as the orc ages.

The bloodline name is proceeded by “ot’” which means “of the waters”.

They only ever use their full name in formal situations. An orc’s full name is as much an oral history of the orc as anything else.


Kavi ot’Maninga Sukir Arroweye

Panya ot’Makura Toningi Grasshunter Iceblood


Medium size

Being humanoid

+2 Con, +4 Strength, -2 Charisma

Orcs speak Common and their own orcish language of Noru

Low-Light vision: Orcs can see twice as far in starlight, moonlight, torchlight and similar lighting conditions.



Adept Riders: +2 Ride. The orc culture is a nomadic one using various riding animals for hunting and other tasks.

Stern countenance: +1 Intimidate

Resourceful: Orcs get a +1 to survival. Orcs are trained from a young age to live off the land and adapt to changing situations and adverse climates.


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