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  • Blau'Moder

    Blau'Moder is a highly toxic poison that is created from the dried remains of [[Blue Ooze Moss]]. If ingested from the moss itself, it will cause whomever or whatever eats it to suffer a bout of nausea. However, the Blau'Moder is a highly refined version …

  • Flayleaf Oil

    Flayleaf Oil is a greenish-black oil that is distilled from the Flayleaf plant. The oil is the most concentrated, distilled version of the toxic plant that can exist.

  • Cockatrice Spit

    This poison is much more than the name implies. The spit of a [[Cockatrice]] is refined, distilled then fermented over a number of days to enhance the potency. When complete, it can paralyze a victim even if a small dose comes in contact with bare skin. …

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