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  • Marcos Galvos

    Right handed. His hair is straight and shoulder length. sometimes he braids it to keep it out of the way. When not in armor, Markos dresses in a loose cream colored shirt, brown trousers, and worn leather boots. In cold weather he puts on a leather …

  • Chibi

    Chibi is a young adult Northiron Dire Wolf. Left in the village of Ravenmoor to settle a debt, he was bought by a band of adventurers as a mount for the paladin, Marcos Galvos. Chibi is the usual size and bulk for a Northiron Dire Wolf ( see sheet ).

  • Borek Earthshield

    Recently returned (like 3 months ago) from a quest to Gild'mar and brought back the village's Wellstone, which is a magic stone that has a 3x/day Create Water spell cast on it. It creates enough clean water to provide the town's needs, including animals …

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