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  • A Ghost of a Chance

    _It has been said that it all began with a simple band of heroes. Heroes who chose to side with an orcish warrior, instead of a thief._ _A thief who called himself 'king'._ _Once upon a time in Elohey the wizard [[Gringlebrush]], in an attempt to …

  • A Ghost of a Chance, Part V

    With the lich and the cult shattered … only one task remains for our heroes: to stop the curse once and for all. With only one place left to look, they steel themselves for what lay beyond the black stairs… *Dramatis Personae* Julienne Aedilred …

  • Viorec Korzha

    Viorec is a farmer and father of five kids. His farm is outside the town of [[Ravenmoor]], which is south of [[Morodar | Morodar]] but north-northwest of [[Dublinshire]]. His wife was killed during a [[Quiggoth]] attack some years back. He's yet to …

  • Shel Lupescu

    Young, smart blonde dwarven daughter of the blacksmith and general storekeeper of [[Ravenmoor]]. She has been having trouble with Leonard Kreigler lately, who is unwilling to take 'no' for an answer to much of anything.

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