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  • Kobold Diplomacy

    The aftermath of Nualia's dark plot have taken hard work in the ancient city of Aquitaine. Storehouses have been depleted and the many uncovered dangers still are not all permanently cleared. Still, this is an important city on the continental trade …

  • Bruthazmus

    Bruthazmus started life like any other bugbear, with much the same result. Originally of a primitive intelligence, Bruthazmus raided [[Kobold | kobold]] tribes, human settlements and the like for whatever he wanted. This was until he was caught one day by …

  • Virasha

    Virasha, like the rest of her kind, is beautiful, thoughtful, law abiding and slightly evil. But, she is not unreasonable. Long ago she decided to forgo the tradition of a lair and instead sought to see the world. Therefore she took up the bow and long …

  • Silus McGains

    Young human cartographer and mage who assisted Aedilred Runecutter in checking, and clearing, the [[Aquitaine | Aquitaine]] sewers of [[Kobold | Kobold]] raiders.

  • Shalelu Adosana

    Shalelu lives near Aquitaine and works as the local member of Falcon's Rangers for the area. Often works with [[:bruthazmus | Bruthazmus]]. She has a trained falcon named Mifton.

  • Belor Hemlock

    Former adventurer, current sheriff and captain of the Aquitaine guard, Belor Hemlock is a no nonsense man. A respected leader, he's willing to take risks when necessary to secure the safety of the locals of Aqutaine.

  • Ilsoari Gandethus

    Ilsoari is the local master mage and alchemist of Aquitaine. He doesn't often take many students but will on occasion. Has worked with [[:gringlebrush-faegon | Gringlebrush Faegon]] for years.

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