Monk, philosopher and medusa


Virasha is a traveling herbalist and monk who studies zen archery. She is human-like with green reptilian skin, glowing yellow eyes and a head full of venomous snakes instead of hair.

Typically, she dresses in simple, brown traveler’s garb with a lightweight leather armor over that. Aside from her petrification attack, she carries two long daggers – which are nearly short swords – and a longbow.

She bears a few scars on her arms and one on her thigh, reminders of a run in with at least one self-righteous paladin, and later with a group of mercenaries looking to cash in on a bounty for medusa heads.

When meeting most any non-medusa she does not plan to attack, she wears a blindfold over her glowing eyes. In this way, she uses her other senses – and the eyes of her snake hair – to see. This gives her eyesight just a bit weaker than an average human, and she cannot use her innate darkvision.


Virasha, like the rest of her kind, is beautiful, thoughtful, law abiding and slightly evil. But, she is not unreasonable. Long ago she decided to forgo the tradition of a lair and instead sought to see the world. Therefore she took up the bow and long knives as a wandering herbalist and mercenary. She quickly found this life suited her.

Many years into her travels, she fell for a young human warrior who returned her affections. For some number of years they were happy with each others company until a group of orc marauders ambushed the pair along the far southern stretch of the Warden Road past Dublinshire. The orcs did not survive, but neither did Virasha’s husband.

Distraught, she has kept to herself lately to mourn her lost mate. In her grieving, she has turned to philosophy and a more monk like existence while she mourns.

579 ILC

Virasha takes ownership of the Thistletop Keep Ruins. Opens peaceful alliance with Aquitaine on the other side of Sog’s Lake.


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