Morten Sandstein

A retired dwarven mercenary turned tavern owner


Morten is four foot, three inches tall with broad-shoulders, long brown-black hair and a braided beard. Both his hair and his beard are shot through with gray giving some hint to his age. He has a set of scars along his right ear and cheekbone that look not unlike claws. His blue eyes always twinkle when he talks, as if he knows some really amusing joke.


Morten was raised the son of an Arbiter, and himself served for a time as an Arbiter. However, once done, the spirit of adventure took hold of him and he joined a group of mercenaries that operated out of Morodar for many years.

Eventually he tired of wandering and chose to settle in the city of Morodar, as he had come to know it so well. He had The Snow Goose tavern built across from Morodar’s necropolis, mainly because Morten liked the decorative monuments in the graveyard. Therefore he did think it was a good idea at the time.

However, he also thought that about his Halfling Half-Price Deal for end of week revelry… until he discovered just how much whiskey the average halfling really can put away.

Morten Sandstein

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