Jerun Leonidas De Caprio

Former king of Merovia


Former king of the Easterling empire of Merovia.

He hired some mercenaries to ‘subdue’ an Orc warlord. In turn the mercenaries discovered that De Caprio had instead planned for the mercenaries to kill the orc warlord, Arslan. Had they failed, their death would have enabled De Caprio to raise an army to put an end to the ‘orc threat’, and make in-roads against the Elven kingdom of Samakar and the Dwarven kingdom of Geldar Republic.

However, he never counted on the mercenaries making a deal with Arslan. Together, they worked to overthrow De Caprio which allowed Arslan to take the Iron Throne for his own.

Jerun De Caprio was never caught, despite the best efforts of the Orcs or their adventuring allies. It is believed that he managed to relocated to a hidden stronghold where he currently plots his revenge.

Jerun Leonidas De Caprio

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