Bugbear Ranger


Generally looks like any other bugbear, except Bruthazmus does wear hide trousers and tunics. He also has a leather hood to keep the elements off. The most notable difference between himself and normal bugbears is the look of calm intelligence in his eyes.

Other than that, Bruthazmus’ fur is a mottled brown-black, and he tends to decorate his bow and other tools with forest icons such as leaves, acorns and the like.


Bruthazmus started life like any other bugbear, with much the same result. Originally of a primitive intelligence, Bruthazmus raided kobold tribes, human settlements and the like for whatever he wanted. This was until he was caught one day by a traveling wizard.

As the story goes, the wizard possessed a relic that – whether through lack of money, skill or unwilling to pay the fee – could not have the relic examined to see what its properties were. So, instead he experimented on Bruthazmus.

The relic turned out to be one of the rare “Items of Wonder”. At the end of the experimentation, Bruthazmus’ intelligence had been dramatically increased, his temper calmed. As for the wizard, he turned out to be a lich named Kreigler. The relic was destroyed in the lich’s experiments when it caught fire. Bruthazmus escaped the lich during the explosion and vanished into the forests.

Being a bugbear, meant he wasn’t readily accepted into ‘polite society’, so he’s made a life for himself as a ranger who wanders the Mosswood and Tickwood forest areas. He maintains some cordial relations with some of Aquitaine’s citizens, and with some of the local kobold tribes. On occasion he will help the local Falconer, Shalelu Andosana, with troubles in the region.


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