Arslan Khan

Leader of the Orc clans


A mountain of an orc, Arslan stands six foot two with long black hair he keeps in a single long braid. His face has two long, thin scars that start just under his right eye and stop at his right ear.


Arslan is a firm, hard but fair leader. He’s shrewd and not prone to the flights of temper most orcs succumb to. He also does not overly indulge in any entertainment either. His title of ‘Khan’ means “First Among Equals”. It is a title bestowed upon him by the council of Orc chieftains once he successfully took Dublinshire from the Humans.

The orc leader has not made any move to threaten any of the neighboring kingdoms, however his forces often pry the defenses on occasion; which causes more than a little concern.

Arslan Khan

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