Andretti Kriegler

Ancient Lich and ex-Mayor of Ravenmoor


Andretti is a tall, lean human man with a severe bearing, a keen stare, and an imposing mien. He dresses well, and has dark hair and beard. He is in his 30s and fit.


Originally Andretti said he’d been away for many years and returned to help his old home village of Ravenmoor. However, this was not the case. While his name was Andretti Kriegler, he was in reality a lich that had been preying upon Ravenmoor in one way or another for 900 years.

With him, he kept his “brothers” Leonard and Riddle … who were in reality undead wraiths called Faceless Stalkers.

He was exposed for being a lich in the year 587 ILC. He fought a group of adventurers who caused him to exploded during a transformation. They subsequently destroyed the Stalkers that assisted Kriegler as well.

Andretti Kriegler

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