Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings, Part 16

Dust of the Past

It has been said that it all began with a simple band of heroes. Heroes who chose to side with an orcish warrior, instead of a thief.

A thief who called himself ‘king’.

Once upon a time, in the ancient ruins Thistletop, south of Aquitaine …

With Nualia’s death the atmosphere of raw magic, and fear bleeds out from the air and drifts away from the ruin. But the tunnels and crypts below Thistletop remain unexplored. And the feeling of dread permeates the ancient stonework.

With Nualia – and perhaps her mysterious patron’s – influence removed, a new sensation rises in the ruins. A feeling of ancient power rises from the stones themselves. A presence that perhaps has noticed the conflict, and waits to see what the heroes will do next …

Dramatis Personae

Aedilred Runecutter
Miro Teague
Lee Chung
Marco Galvos


Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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