Rise of the Runelords: Burnt Offerings, Part 12

To the Halls of Thistletop

It has been said that it all began with a simple band of heroes. Heroes who chose to side with an orcish warrior, instead of a thief.

A thief who called himself ‘king’.

Once upon a time, beneath the ancient city of Aquitaine on the northern shores of Sog’s Lake …

the dust settled in the ancient catacombs. With the quasit killed, her grotesque magespawn creations seem to be less directed, if they have not exploded. The statue of Alaznist returns to its pedestal. Her trident remains with the heroes for the sole purpose of ending the threat posed by the plans of “Lamashtu”.

More questions remain. Aedlered’s axe, just what does it contain? Who made it? What role did the Erylium, the quasit that rebelled against Alaznist, play in Nualia’s plans?

While the heroes secure Alaznist’s catacombs, the Stalker slips through the dark pathways of the Mosswood. No kobold, fey, or even redcap challenges the undead creature.

Dramatis Personae

Aedilred Runecutter
Miro Teague
Lee Chung
Marco Galvos

*Map of the catacombs so far (select map for a larger view) *



The thing in the sphere room thinks its name might be “ydigiz”


You see the dead raven melt into this form:


Banzai_Aether Banzai_Aether

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